Dixon Industries

Dixon Industries for FUSIONMASTER® PE butt welding equipment, and Teflon® coating services

Butt Fusion

HF1000 welder in the fieldFUSIONMASTER® field butt welders are available for pipe up to 1200mm diameter. You get more welds per day because FUSIONMASTER® machines:

  • Are easy to set up and operate.
  • Are robust (some say bomb-proof).
  • Have a low maintenance requirement.
  • Are backed by a two year warranty.


Quick change non-stick heater surface

All FUSIONMASTER® heater plates are supplied with a replaceable non-stick cloth cover that is easily replaced in the field if the non-stick surface is damaged, costing very little lost time.

(Even though Dixon Industries is a Licenced Industrial Applicator of the DuPont Teflon® range, we think coated heater surfaces are inappropriate for field work where the coated surface can be easily damaged. This jeopardises weld quality until the heater surface has been refurbished. Apart from the cost, who needs this inconvenience in the middle of a critical job?)

Pipe alignment mechanism

FUSIONMASTER® models 350, 450, 630, 1000, and 1200 are fitted with a unique time saving mechanism that enables the operator to quickly and easily overcome pipe end misalignment.

In machines without this mechanism, acceptable alignment of the pipe ends is usually achieved by unclamping and packing the pipe. What a time waster!

Minimal lubrication of moving parts.

Where ever possible, Teflon® has been used to eliminate the need for lubrication. This not only saves time and money in the field, but minimises the potential for excess lubricant contaminating the weld zone.

Fittings chuck

225, 350 and 450 FUSIONMASTER® models are supplied with a quick action self centering fittings chuck (stub holder). When used in conjunction with the pipe alignment mechanism, setting up to weld stub ends is quick and easy.

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