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Infrared Thermoter with Spot Control Adapter

Part # AF000103.
Temperature range 0-260°C.


Part # AF000104.
The spot control adapter is made from heat resistant Bakelite so it can be pressed squarely against the heater surface. Its function is to ensure the accuracy of the temperature reading by maintaining the focal length of the infrared beam correctly.
When used with FUSIONMASTER® heaters, pressing the adapter against the non-stick cloth cover forces out any entrapped, insulating air that might cause a false reading.

Squeez off clamp


Part # SQ050950.
The squeeze off clamp is for shutting off live gas or water mains up to DN 63mm.

It's screw design allows gentle pressure application to minimise pipe damage.



PolyLogger® is only available factory fitted to FUSIONMASTER® HF450, HF630, HF1000 and HF1200.
The PolyLogger® is designed to:

  1. Record the heater temperature and pressure throughout a butt weld against real time, referenced to a system generated weld identification number.
  2. Graphically display the heater temperature and pressure during a butt weld against real time.
  3. Record other reference details about the weld such as pipe size, pipe material, operator/machine/project identifiers, weld parameters and formulae used to calculate the parameters.
  4. Recall from memory, and graphically display, up to 600 welds.
  5. Transfer stored data to a PC for printing hard copy.

PolyLogger® is a registered trademark of Dixon Industries Pty. Ltd.

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