Dixon Industries

Dixon Industries for FUSIONMASTER® PE butt welding equipment, and Teflon® coating services

About Us


Norm Dixon began designing and producing butt fusion equipment for the natural gas reticulation industry to weld small diameter polyethylene (PE) pipe in 1973.

Over a quarter century later, Dixon Industries remains focussed on the design and manufacture of butt fusion equipment at our plant in South Australia. Sold under the FUSIONMASTER® trademark, Dixon made equipment has achieved a reputation for excellence of engineering, ease of use, and the ability to survive in the toughest of Australian conditions. Many of the first machines ever built are still operating in the field.

Not only has the FUSIONMASTER® brand become the first choice of Australian polyethylene pipe installers in mining, natural gas, water, irrigation, telecom and civil installations, our clients now vary from local one man operators to multinational corporations, and our equipment is used in many different countries.


Non-stick coatings are essential to the performance of some welding machine components, so we had to learn how to apply Teflon® to those parts. As other industrial users became aware of our ability to apply Teflon® coatings, external sales began to grow.

The Company was appointed a Licenced Industrial Applicator (LIA) of DuPont's range of non-stick coatings in 1984. A LIA is a company selected for its extensive knowledge and experience in recommending and applying Teflon® industrial coatings, as well as for the quality of its workmanship. We are the only LIA in South Australia, and one of about 100 other LIA's in the DuPont worldwide network.


Dixon Industries is a privately owned company that was founded in SA in 1973 by Norm Dixon, who together with Bob Langdon, still owns and operates the business.

Norm Dixon controls design, development and manufacturing. Bob Langdon directs marketing, sales and administration.

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